Greenleaves Montessori American School virtual tour

Welcome to Greenleaves Montessori. Through this virtual tour we want to show you our philosophy and facilities.

Our educational project is consolidated under four fundamental pillars: Educational neuroscience, Montessori pedagogy, Bilingualism and 100% Healthy Natural Nutrition/”Natural Food”/Healthy Food.

All this designed to accompany the teaching-learning process of our students in an individualized way, attending to their needs and interests.

Our goal as a center is to develop and empower talent through meaningful learning experiences.

Our project is organized around 3 clearly differentiated programs:

Infant Community, Children immerse themselves in this environment from 12 months of age sharing this space with children up to 3 years of age, offering them the possibility of learning how to care for themselves, others and the environment that surrounds them. In this environment, the aim is to provide the child with a learning experience outside the home, to promote independence, a healthy self-image and to develop a positive attitude towards learning.

Children’s house, In this environment, we encourage individual work and knowledge towards the great community that makes up the school, performing common tasks that promote respect, communication and freedom with children from 3 to 6 years old. In this space we work with materials that promote the development of concentration as one of the fundamental elements of this stage.

Elementary, This program is divided into Elementary I (from 6 to 8 years old), Elementary II (from 8 to 10 years old) and Elementary III (from 10-12 years old). This work environment is designed to meet the need for inquiry and hands-on exploration and curiosity that leads children of these ages to question everything. Their collaborative and cooperative personality allows them to delve into a wide variety of projects. Developing social skills such as assertiveness and empathy, and putting into practice their own strategies in conflict resolution. Therefore, they acquire the mastery and integration of the cognitive, social and emotional skills necessary to face the challenges of their present moment and of the future.

These programs help us to develop an individualized and quality education, far from the traditional standards that mark the current educational system. The children of our school acquire the same “final product” as in a traditional school, being prepared in everything and for everything they need in their life adventure. By actively participating in an integrated and ongoing assessment, students begin to regulate their own learning effectively and are able to act on constructive feedback.

Based on these premises, our educational practice takes place throughout the school day in a bilingual mode, with two tutors in each classroom. A Spanish tutor and an American tutor, allowing the learning of both languages ​​to occur naturally. 

Finally, we consider the design and organization of our facilities, both indoors and outdoors, of great importance:

Our spaces are specially designed by and for the enjoyment of the child. They are carefully organized to encourage self-learning and growth. They are very spacious, warm and surrounded by green surroundings to favor movement, concentration and tranquility, where cleanliness and order directly influence the organization of the child’s mind.

We are waiting for you!

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