silvia bienvenida greenleaves montessori

Welcome letter from the director

It is satisfying for me being able to present our GREENLEAVES MONTESSORI school. We are a private and secular school that was created in 2018 as a nursery school project from 0 to 6 years, but such was the reception that in just one year we will complete our facilities to take in children from 6 to 12 years.

The project emerges two years before, among ideas and searching information, but mostly because of the vision and perspective of family that were looking for a space for their children that was hold by the emotional pillar, were the knowledge and reasoning were guided by motivation, passion and talent.

Today we’ve become a school that from the educational neuroscience is inspired by the Montessori pedagogical methods, not only on the pedagogy but also on the philosophy, mixing all of that with the American curriculum, with the PEP program of the IB and with the recognition of Madrid and the Education Ministry.

We are a community with more than 150 families committed with this way of education and principles, that has a team passionate and devoted with the job and the research of the constant development, always having the student and the positive discipline as the center.

In GREENLEAVES we work so our students will help us creating a community based on respect, collaboration and cooperation, and it will be this construction the one that will help them with their own personal growth. Our passion is to create individual project because every one of them is special, offering them a learning based on the needs they have at each moment, in every phase, supporting those difficulties they will have and helping them by giving them the necessary tools for their present and future, getting comprehensive person that are integrated in a global world where they can live their lives without giving up their dreams.

Waiting for you,


“The child is the builder of man and there is no man who has not been formed from the child he once was”