How are our boys and girls from Greenleaves?

How are our boys and girls from Greenleaves?

Bold children

Willing to make mistakes, ready to try something new, willing to accept challenges in the face of unknown knowledge.

Balanced children

Use time wisely and participate in various activities.

Thinking children

Use what they already know and can build on their own and others’ ideas.ás.

niños solidarios


Helpful to others, empathetic, attentive, considerate, recognize that they are part of a group.

Cómo son los niños y niñas de Greenleaves Montessori? Niños con espíritu crítico


They listen to the thoughts and ideas of others, accept that there is more than one way of looking at things.

niños integros


They are honest, make thoughtful, responsible decisions, have a sense of fairness and justice.

niños indagadores


They ask questions, do not give up easily.

niños instruidos

Informed and enlightened

They enjoy learning more about themselves, others and the world.

niños reflexivos


Reflects on their actions, learning and different ways of doing things.