Academic director

Specialized in educational neuroscience areas by IMI, psychology and Positive Discipline. Economist and expert in marketing and digital marketing, as well as in the commercial área.

The director is responsible for designing and implementing the management, financing and strategies of the institution, as well as leading the governing body.

In addition, she works together with the pedagogical director in the design and renovation of the educational project of the school, as well as in the selection of personnel



Executive management
Head of administration and secretary

Early Childhood Teacher and English Teacher as a foreing language.

She works together with the academic director and the pedagogical director in the educational organization of the center.



Infant community y children´s house cordinator

Montessori Guide. Early childhood teacher. IMI Montessori Guide 0-3 by IMI .

Positive Discipline educator and Pikler pedagogy specialist.


Elementary coordinator

Educator in Positive Discipline for the classroom and parenting in the family.


Departamento de orientación

Licenciada en Psicología, especialista en educación y Trastornos del Espectro Autista (TEA). Diplomada en Trastorno por Déficit de atención con y sin Hiperactividad (TDA-H).

Meet our team !


My professional career has always been linked to customer service, team leadership and business management.

My training begins with a university degree in economic science to specialize, through two master’s degrees, in business management and marketing. After a few years developing these functions in different positions, I decided to take a turn in my life and dedicate myself to what I had always liked, teaching.

I studied early childhood education and later I specialized in educational neuroscience, Montessori pedagogy and positive discipline, developing this knowledge professionally and personally.

My complete change occurs when I become the mother of Yago and Aroa. Today I direct GREENLEAVES, both in its management part, and in the academic part, and I feel tremendously grateful for being able to carry out one of the most important projects of my life.


My passion for teaching has always motivated me as I consider education to be one of the most important pillars for the present and the future of our Little ones.

I started my profesional career training as Infant Teacher (0-3 years), working as educator for more tan 8 years. It was a very gratifying experience and as I learned more each day, I began to grow professionally as director in various nursery schools supporting my experience and knowledge and learning and managing education groups.

The great importance of a foreing language in our education from an early age allowed me to amplify my training and obtain my teaching diploma as English Teacher as a foreing language.

Currently, I am lucky to be part of the administration department of this great team, following my profesional career with the same excitment and consistency as the first day.


Since I was a child, I have been passionate about the world of education, especially the first stage of childhood, which I consider so important for children to learn to move around the world freely and autonomously.

I define myself as a responsible person, hard-worker with students and families, based on the respect and freedom of children in an environment prepared to accompany and observe, helping them to build themselves as people, ensuring that they are happy and feel free.

I am an outgoing, flexible, patient and creative person, eager to learn day by day, I am in constant training to be able to provide children with the best of me, new knowledge and new ways of teaching from tenderness and calm .

In addition, I am a mother of Paula, thanks to being a guide and a mother, I can appreciate the important values ​​that children need both at school and at home.

For me, belonging to Greenlevaes Montessori is a learning opportunity, both professionally and personally. Growing up with an innovative and future-oriented educational project keeps me alive and wanting to belong to a better education, for me and for those who follow me.


From a very young age, the field of education has been present in my life. Grandson and son of teachers, I spent my childhood among books, classrooms, playgrounds and teachers.I graduated as a primary school teacher from the University of Granada. Even so, along the way, I felt that I had uncovered learning spaces and I combined the degree with different specialties in management of educational projects in preface socio-economic contexts, creation of projects in gender equality and educational contexts of learning – service.This restlessness and need to look for new educational paradigms led me to cross the ocean and live a few years in Peru, where I was able to specialize as an educator in Positive Discipline for the classroom and parenting in the family. That’s where my vocation to train later as a Montessori Workshop Guide (6 to 12 years old) was born.
I was lucky to be able to work in an educational center that linked the Montessori philosophy with the IB project, so I took the opportunity to train as an IB teacher for the years of primary education.I am currently studying the Master’s Degree in Educational Treatment of Diversity, seeking to delve a little deeper into the needs of each person and be able to provide, to each child, the best opportunity according to their specific circumstances.The world of education is a utopia and, as Eduardo Galeano said: “Utopia is on the horizon. I walk two steps, she moves away two steps and the horizon runs ten steps further. So what is utopia for? For that, it’s good for walking.”


Licenciada en Psicología, especialista en educación y Trastornos del Espectro Autista (TEA). Diplomada en Trastorno por Déficit de atención con y sin Hiperactividad (TDA-H)

Apasionada de los procesos de aprendizaje en la infancia, me he formado ampliamente en educación formal y no formal; educación especial, acompañamiento a familias en entornos naturales, neuroeducación, disciplina positiva, metodología Teacch, Montessori, Waldorf y otras pedagogías alternativas.

Tengo la suerte de que mi trabajo me encanta y de haber podido estar en instituciones con profesionales excelentes que han creído en mí, y de los que he aprendido diferentes metodologías de trabajo tanto en México como en España. He trabajado como coordinador, docente y apoyo terapéutico en todas las etapas educativas, desde atención temprana hasta la universidad, tratando de unir lazos entre familias, comunidad, profesorado y alumnado.

Tengo un hijo de 10 años por el que descubrí las tribus de madres y la crianza con respeto y empatía. Soy mexicana y desde hace 15 años resido en Madrid.

En mi juventud fui Scout y desde entonces, me encanta conocer sitios nuevos, hacer amigos, pasar el tiempo en la naturaleza y observar cómo juegan los niños y las niñas.

Soy entusiasta y proactiva. Mi filosofía es trabajar de manera ordenada, constante y “gota a gota”, hasta lograr el objetivo que me propongo.

Creo firmemente que cualquier persona es capaz de aprender, confiando en sus capacidades, brindándole lo que necesita, siendo pacientes y esperando sus tiempos.

Trabajar con el equipo de Greenleaves Montessori es una gran oportunidad de seguir creciendo, aprendiendo y contribuir para que la educación sea un poquito mejor.