Greenleaves Montessori Corporate Video

In our corporate video of Greenleaves Montessori American School we show you our educational project based on educational neuroscience and inspired by Montessori pedagogy.

We are a private and non-religious center designed to host the stage from 12 months to 12 years old with the aim of being able to grow and develop our project until 18 years old.

Our project was born from educational neuroscience inspired by the pedagogical principles of Montessori both in its methodology and in its philosophy, fused to turn with an American curriculum, with the IB PEP program and with the recognition of the Community of Madrid and the Ministry of Education.

We consider it essential to combine the following principles:

  • Nutrition 100% natural, made with seasonal products and nutritionally balanced to the development of our students.
  • Positive discipline as an educational model created by and to understand the behavior, both of children and adults themselves, and the way they approach situations always in a positive, affective, but firm and respectful way at the same time.
  • Montessori Pedagogy and International Education: These pedagogical currents clearly move away from traditional educational methods since they are based on natural development of skills through exploration, discovery and collaboration. These educational principles are evidenced for neuroscience and the benefits of its implementation in the neurological development.

In order to put this teaching-learning style into practice, at Greenleaves we offer a personalized study plan to each student, based on BRAIN INTEGRATION, developed during the school day through two clearly differentiated programs:

WORK PROGRAM: During the beginning of the morning, our students immerse themselves in the different areas of the academic curriculum through great lessons or units of inquiry allowing them to develop authentic and meaningful learning experiences.

CREATIVE PROGRAM:  Developed during the second part of the day. It includes activities that promote creativity, movement and the development of social and communication skills.

Our goal as an international school is to offer quality bilingual education without the need to study abroad. For this, our educational practice takes place throughout the school day in bilingual mode, with two tutors in each classroom. A Spanish tutor and an American tutor, allowing the learning of both languages ​​to occur naturally.

At Greenleaves Montessori we offer the following educational programs:

  • Infant Community includes ages 0-3 years. In this environment we provide the child with learning experiences outside the home that promote independence and healthy self-image.
  • Children’s Houses include mixed ages from 3 to 6 years old. In this environment, the mixture of ages makes skills such as cooperation acquire greater prominence instead of competition, thus giving rise to mutual help. By working in a multilevel space, each student has their own pace. The youngest are supported and the older ones serve as role models, leading them to develop leadership skills.
  • In Elementary, (6 to 12 years old) the work environment is designed to satisfy the need for investigation and practical exploration and curiosity, that leads children of these ages to question everything. Their collaborative and cooperative personality allows them to delve into a wide variety of projects, develop social skills such as assertiveness and empathy, and put into practice their own strategies in conflict resolution.

At GREENLEAVES we work so that our students help us build a community based on respect, collaboration and cooperation, and it will be this construction that will help them in their own personal growth. We are passionate about creating individualized projects since each of our students is unique, getting integral and integrated people in an increasingly global world where they can go through their lives without ever leaving their dreams behind.

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