Elementary (6-12 years) – Virtual tour

Dear families,

Greenleaves Montessori is an international center designed for the educational stages of Infant (1-6 years) and Primary (6-12 years), configured under 3 pedagogical pillars: Educational neuroscience, Montessori pedagogy and bilingual education.

Through this virtual tour, we want to show you one of the environments that defines the Elementary program:

In the stage of Elementary I (6-9 years) and Elementary II (9-12 years)  boys and girls meet in what María Montessori called the reasoning mind phase.

This work environment is designed to meet the need for practical research and exploration and curiosity that leads children of this age to question everything.

Their collaborative and cooperative personality allows them to delve into a wide variety of projects, develop social skills such as assertiveness and empathy, and implement their own strategies for conflict resolution.

Therefore, they acquire mastery and integration of the cognitive, social and emotional skills necessary to face the challenges of their present moment and the future.

The Elementary program is always configured by two Montessori guides, (one Guide is Spanish-speaker and another Guide is English speaker), thus, all knowledge is presented in both languages based on the individualized educational plan that the Guides design for each child monthly.

In this way, the contact with both languages is permanent, throughout the school day.

As shown in the video, we focus our efforts on discovering the innate potential of each child and guiding him through the different areas of work that we can observe: (Advanced practical life, language, science, history and geography, mathematics and art).

The Elementary program offers a prepared environment where children can, through research, real experiences, and Montessori materials, develop projects that allow them to learn naturally. In Elementary, each child is the protagonist of their learning, with its own personal journal that will help them have a visual follow-up of their academic evolution.

The use of this tool allows, periodically, both the Guides and the Pedagogical Coach of the center to meet with each child to study its study plan and proceed with the pertinent modifications.

Working in this way, we encourage children to always be motivated and interested in learning, equipping them with life skills that will help them in their professional future.

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