Head of administration and secretary

Early Childhood Teacher and English Teacher as a foreing language.

She works together with the academic director and the pedagogical director in the educational organization of the center.

Meet our team !


My passion for teaching has always motivated me as I consider education to be one of the most important pillars for the present and the future of our Little ones.

I started my profesional career training as Infant Teacher (0-3 years), working as educator for more tan 8 years. It was a very gratifying experience and as I learned more each day, I began to grow professionally as director in various nursery schools supporting my experience and knowledge and learning and managing education groups.

The great importance of a foreing language in our education from an early age allowed me to amplify my training and obtain my teaching diploma as English Teacher as a foreing language.

Currently, I am lucky to be part of the administration department of this great team, following my profesional career with the same excitment and consistency as the first day.