Infant Community (18 months to 3 years) – Virtual tour

Greenleaves Montessori is an international center designed for the educational stages of Infant (1-6 years) and Primary (6-12 years), configured under 3 pedagogical pillars: Educational neuroscience, Montessori pedagogy and bilingual education.

Through this virtual tour, we want to show you one of the environments that defines the Infant Community program:

Boys and girls immerse themselves in this environment from the age of 18 months or since they walk, sharing this space with children up to 3 years old, offering them the possibility of learning about caring for themselves, others and the environment surrounds.

This environment seeks to provide all children with a learning experience outside the home, which allows them to promote their independence and healthy self-image, allowing them to develop a positive attitude towards learning.

For this, as shown in the video, we focus our efforts on discovering the innate potential of each child and guiding him through the different areas of work that we can observe: (Practical, sensorial life, Art, Language and Cognitive Development).

This work will always be led by a certified Montessori Guide for the 0-3 year stage and a Montessori Assistant with a minimum level of English C1, which allows us to offer all children a linguistic immersion of both languages throughout the school day naturally.

Comunidad infantil (18 meses a 3 años) - Visita virtual

As you can see, all the spaces are spacious, orderly, and beautiful where each element has its reason for being within the teaching-learning process of children.

Our  classrooms are an essential element to offer freedom of movement during the first three years of life.

At Greenleaves Montessori, we work on this aspect through Emmi Pikler’s pedagogy as a basis for free movement and consolidation of the affective bond that is so important in the development of a harmonious personality and in its self-knowledge.

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