Children’s House (3 to 6 years) – Virtual tour

Greenleaves Montessori is an international center designed for the educational stages of Infant (1-6 years) and Primary (6-12 years), where we offer an individualized, flexible teaching-learning process, adapted to the different learning styles and rhythms of the children.

This learning process is sustained and consolidated under the pedagogical principles of educational neuroscience and the Montessori methodology within a bilingual Spanish-English framework defining us as an American center.

In order to develop this active methodology, we will start from the direct and meticulous observation of the needs present in each child in order to offer resources that allow them to be empowered rather than repressed.

Through this virtual tour, we want to show you one of the environments that defines the Children’s house program:

This environment welcomes children aged between 3 and 6 years.

According to Montessori philosophy, during this period, boys and girls are under the influence of the “absorbing mind”, making them permeable to more diverse learning.

Due to these evolutionary needs, the children’s house space becomes an ideal place for the development of social and intellectual skills, promoting individual concentration and self-knowledge.

The foundations of the child’s mind begin to develop and consolidate at this time.

As shown on this tour, we focus our efforts on discovering each child’s innate potential and guiding them through the various areas of work. Following the order of the video, we can observe: Art, science, mathematics, language, sensory and practical life areas within what we call “work cycle”.

All this learning is completed with real and creative outdoor experiences such as motor skills, art, music and experimentation and is accompanied by Positive Discipline, which allows us to work on aspects related to the emotional development of all boys and girls.

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